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Determinant of Premature Rupture of The Membrane during Pregnancy
Terry Y.R. Pristya, Fajaria Nurcandra, Azizah Musliha Fitri

Last modified: 2019-11-20


Risk of premature rupture of the membrane (PROM) can cause complications in infant such us: infection and lung problems at birth. This study was aimed to determine of PROM during pregnancy. This quantitative study used cross-sectional design with 120 samples of women aged 15-49 years who gave birth and lived in Sangiang Tanjung Village, Lebak Banten that selected by purposive sampling. Logistic regression multivariate analysis used to determine of PROM with variables: maternal age, socio economic, hypertension, fetal position, and problem during pregnancy. From five variables, only variable maternal age that have significantly level with PROM. Results showed that women who aged ≤20 & ≥35 years was 2,5 times higher to birth with PROM than women who aged 21-34 years. Antenatal care provider was gave additional counseling about reproductive age and PROM to women who come for her pregnancy.


premature; rupture; membrane; pregnancy; determinant